Welcome to House Hunt Victoria v2.0

Readers of the original House Hunt Victoria blog enjoyed over eight years of lively discussion about the trends, trials and tribulations of the Victoria (BC) real estate market. After the blog originator (HHV) moved away from Victoria, Leo S was good enough to maintain the blog for a number of years. The blog has been “reborn” using a different format and approach, allowing the responsibility for maintaining the blog to be shared between a group of volunteer bloggers.

Welcome to House Hunt Victoria v2.0!

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15 thoughts on “Welcome to House Hunt Victoria v2.0

  1. Long time reader, first time poster. Hoping to make the move from condo life in Vancouver to house w/yard life in Victoria in the next year.
    I’ve learned much from this blog and have much to still figure out. Would like to extend a big thank you to all who kept V.1 going and to those who have committed to continuing this new version of it. It’s very much appreciated.
    Cheers, Melissa

  2. I guess I can move here. SDRL is just heading up into break even zone for me and I will need to brag somewhere when it doubles and starts paying dividends again. Plus ETSY just tanked so I give that to y’all for free…

  3. I’ll post my master spreadsheet. Ideally it would be in Google Docs format but it has too much Excel specific stuff and too many fancy graphs to convert over.

  4. Glad the blog has been kept alive. BTW – lurker since 2010, occasional poster (posted as TheDP a few times previously, Dimitrios on VV). BTW, I know how to make nice graphs, stats, etc., though might need some tips on how to access the data (in case we’re looking for anyone to keep that trend up); make me an author if interested.

  5. Thanks for the offer … I’m new to WordPress, but learning fast. (Twenty years ago I was developing Web sites using a text editor, fifteen years ago it was Dreamweaver. After that it was Web application development. Although I still work in IT, I haven’t done much Web development in the past 10 years.)

  6. Really looking forward to HHV 2.0.

    DavidL…I have extensive experience supporting WordPress sites (been supporting 4 of them for the past 5 years) so if you need an extra Admin resource I am game to help out in the backend.

  7. DavidL. Thank you so much for setting up HHV version 2! I have always enjoyed reading this blog over my morning coffee – and certainly would have missed it! Looking forward to the continued conversations.

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