This page provides the sources for data used on this site.

The Victoria Real Estate Board – Most general housing data in Victoria is provided by the VREB.  They publish a monthly statistical package, as well as providing quite a bit of historical information from past months and years.

CMHC Housing Market Indicators – A variety of statistics on housing markets, such as average rents, vacancy rates, housing starts, and labour participation rate.

CANSIM – Database of Statistics Canada data.  Useful tables:

  • V122497 – Average residential mortgage lending rate: 5 year (Monthly)
  • 282-0128 – Labour force survey estimates (unemployment, employment by CMA, monthly)
  • 326-0020 – Canada all items CPI
  • 380-0064 – GDP, expenditure based
  • 378-0123 – National Balance Sheet accounts, debt to income, etc.

BC Stats – Useful tables:

BC Open Data

OECD Data – The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development provides national comparative data on house prices, price/rent, and other measures.