MLS Listings Portal Guide

The MLS Listings portal is a private website that you can use to monitor sales and conduct your research on properties that are on the market, have sold, or have been taken off the market.   It gives almost the same access to information as the internal system that I have.

Viewing Listings

From the home page of your portal, you can click one of the searches I set up for you on the right under Auto Searches.    This will show the current listings matching the search criteria that you set.

To change the display between map view, detail, and thumbnail view, use the Display option.  I find the Split (Map with Thumbnail) view especially useful, although it can be slow with many listings.

To show sold and cancelled properties in addition to current ones, change the view to show all properties beside the display option.   Properties on the map with an unconditional offer are orange.  They turn red after the closing date when the sale is final, and cancelled properties are black.

Create a new search

If you want to change your search or start a new one (you can have multiple searches on your portal) you can either:

  1. Email me at with what you are looking for and I will set it up for you.  This way you will be able to see sold and cancelled properties as well as current listings.
  2. Set it up yourself.   You will only see current listings this way.  To do this:
    1. From the Welcome page of the portal, click Start a New Search
    2. Enter your search parameters and click Search.
    3. Review your search parameters, adjust if necessary, then press Save to save the search.

Too many emails?

If you chose to be notified immediately or daily when you signed up, you may find there are too many emails for your liking.   Email me at to cut those emails back to monthly.  You can bookmark your portal in your browser and visit it anytime.  The email notifications are not necessary to get new listings.