Cash Back REALTOR® Referrals

Done your research and ready to take the next step?   Do you want to either view some properties or list your home for sale?  I am not active in sales in order to preserve the independence of the site, however if you don’t already have a REALTOR®, I can refer a good one to you.  Even better, I will give you back 50% of the net referral fee on closing.

My service is simple, I maintain a list of Realtors that excel at their jobs, have a high level of experience, are honest, and provide excellent service.  Based on your needs I refer you to one of them and they will contact you to help with your real estate purchase or sale.  There is no obligation on your part to work with that Realtor, however if you do and complete the sale, I will give half of my referral fee back to you on closing.

Here’s a simplified example (commissions may vary):

I refer you to John Smith, REALTOR®, and you use him to buy a house for $700,000.   The seller offers a commission of $12,000 to John, and John gives 25% of his portion to me for the referral.   I give half of the net referral fee to you which works out to about $1000 in this case.

It’s winwinwin.

  1. You get a good REALTOR®
  2. You get cash on closing
  3. I can continue to support HouseHuntVictoria

Interested?  Email me at to get started.